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Below the surface lies things that'd take too long to explain. The air is settled, the relics are esoteric, and you're by and large on your own. Folks up above would look at you funny for bringing any of this up in polite conversation. This is where I go to hide.

Ah, the Internet. This is where I keep all the oddities, musical, technical, and cultural, that interest me and me alone. Of course, I'll try to make it worth your while as well.

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My MIDI Stockpile
In tradition with other old-school personal sites, I've got some big collections of MIDIs for you to download. I've also got ways to improve your listening experience if you happen to be using the default Windows softsynth. You philistine.
The Curious Case of Nobody's Watching
A little TV pilot from some very famous people that was to demontrate the way YouTube had changed the world...and then languished in obscurity forever.

Tech and Media

ACNES Compatibility List
Those cute NES games in the original Animal Crossing have been hiding a full-blown NES emulator for many years now. Here's my efforts at documenting how games work on it.
Behind the Scenes on Cammy's Island
Do you like trivia? Do you like reading about other people's website workflows and their essays on why they drew what they drew? Have I got just the thing for you!
The Best Music Videos I've Ever Seen
Weird visuals put to good music is something that occupies my brain a lot more than it maybe should. Caby did a page about her favorite music videos on caby_nc3, and I thought it'd be fun to list my favorites as well.
Climbing the Family Tree of MP3
One part history lesson, one part listening experiment! There's a lot that goes into making those tiny little sound clips we're all familiar with...
Oddity Archive Ranked: The First 250
Reviewing the great audiovisual landfill! Oddity Archive is a YouTube show of music, analog TV and radio, crappy VHS tapes, and weird A/V gear from a guy with a cardboard box. I wanted to find what my favorite episode was, and here's the result...
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demo Companion
A large guide to the many, many renditions of the songs on Wilco's fantastic Yankee Hotel Foxtrot on the Super Deluxe boxset, the bootlegs, and Alpha Mike Foxtrot. Best enjoyed with the context of my First Draft entry on Letters about the album.

Scorekeeping and Times Pages

Minesweeper Terminology (and My Best Times)
There's a lot of really weird terms and acronyms used in competitive Minesweeper play. I made these notes a long while ago for my own use, but maybe you'll get use out of them too.
My High Scores for Amplitude (2003)
That rhythm game Harmonix did before Guitar Hero and the such! I wound up with 125/126 bars on Insane before I gave up, and I'm still looking for a better way to play before I really go for "Spaztik". Still! Not bad at all.
My High Scores for FreQuency
That other rhythm game Harmonix did before Guitar Hero... Not as good as Amplitude, and my scores aren't remotely as good either, but still fun in bursts.
My Mario Kart Wii Times
My personal favorite Mario Kart. I haven't fully done it yet, but I'm mostly shooting for beating all the expert time trial ghosts.