About Cammy (the human one!)

Well, hi! You're rather adventurous if you made your way here. (Or maybe someone linked you. I'd have to check your referrer...)

My name's Cameron. I hail from the great hollow abyss called northeast Pennsylvania (seriously, don't live in the Poconos, it sucks) and I'm taken by an adorable, talented, gentle Welsh girl who goes by Caby on here. (Two years, as of January 2021!) As far as the hobby stuff goes, I fancy myself a writer of stories and essays and kinda sorta a musician. (I'll be more sure when I actually make another album.)

I love the "small web"—all those lovingly crafted little personal sites and sites about specific things that people do indeed still build—and this is my little tribute to that, I suppose.

So, onto a few questions...

cammy.somnol vs mari.somnol

As of now, I have two subdomains on the art collective site I run, Somnolescent. cammy.somnolescent.net (that where this is) is my more personal domain, and mariteaux.somnolescent.net is where I put the work I explicitly made for outside consumption. It's also where my blog, the Scratchpad, resides, and where it'll continue to sit.

I won't be linking this one out or publicizing it any because I kinda like the obscurity by obscure standards. Gotta come find this stuff if you wanna see it—and clearly, you do and have! Aside from that though, I think the split's good because it means both sites have more of a purpose. Before, I would just toss random junk into a junk page on mari.somnol and call it a day. Now, my obsessions, interests, and stories can go here instead.

That whole badger bit

Fantasy Cammy

It's pretty hard to miss that badger lad with my hair on the front page, isn't it? He's a morph named, quite creatively, Cammy. (He's erythristic, if you're wondering why he's all reddish-brown instead of grey.) I don't do the "furry fandom" stuff particularly—I think a lot of it is perverted degeneracy and I just don't need that—but I do find the concept of therianism appealing. Nothing kooky and psychotic about it; we've been putting our emotions on and relating to animals since antiquity. I'm not literally a badger here (see: picture)

I have a few other fluffy lads I use to represent myself, by the by, namely a snow leopard named Alexi and an Irish red-and-white setter named, uh, Setter. Both of them were meant to match two of my girlfriend's sonas. I also have a bunch of just general characters I write stories with who happen to be animal people, and some of those have shades of me, like any good character does.

My furcode is FMB2adrw/FS2adrw/CM2adrw A- C--- D-- H++ M- P R- T-- W Z- Sm-- a cmn++ d++ e+ f iwf+++ p+ sm, in case you were curious.

Where to contact me

If you're looking for a good response, shoot me an email (text preferably, no HTML mail please) at mariteaux@somnolescent.net. I check it every day, and if you've got something good to talk about, we can have a good discussion about it. Even if you don't, just letting me know you're reading is greatly appreciated and I'll reply back.

I don't use any social media because I don't have something to sell you.

What I built this site with

RetroZilla Composer, by and large! Initially, I toyed with FrontPage Express 2.0 as a way to break out of my usual "writing a buncha markup in a text editor" bubble, but FPX's markup sucks bigly. Some of those pages are still up on this site (this one was initially written with it!), and I used HTML Tidy to clean those up as best as I could. But now! Now it's RetroZilla Composer all the way. Markup's fairly good, comfy, runs nicely on both Windows XP and 10, and the pages it spits out still run great even on stone age internet connections.

For computers, I jump between my trusty 2014 iMac and a 2005 eMachines box depending on the day. I'll write a page on that thing at some point. It's not a particularly great computer, but it's got sentimental value to me and it was the childhood PC of a friend of mine, so I'd like to keep it living happily.

This page last updated February 6, 2021.

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