About Cammy's Island

Cammy's Island is the more personal website of mariteaux, who you might know as a Guitar Hero modder, a Quake mapper, a storyteller, or suchlike found on his main site. Setter looking up at you gingerly This site houses his fuzzy memories, daily adventures, and obscure fascinations instead.

Who is mariteaux?

mariteaux is Cameron, a Pennsylvania-based sperg who likes the analog world. He's informally married to a girl from Wales named Caby whom he's visiting in mid-2023.

In his spare time, he can be found watching Oddity Archive, playing old games for RetroAchievements, and listening to 90s alt-rock.

Who's the puppy featured all over the site?

Setter! He's an Irish Red and White Setter, and I'm clever. This site's meant to be hand-drawn, lo-fi, and kinda ancient-looking, and he looks like a 90s cartoon character as it is, so he gets to be mascot. I don't have the cute round glasses, but my hair is kinda like that.