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Things are pretty idyllic topside. Warm sunshine, thick, luscious, magical plantlife, ponds and waterfalls you can play in if you're the swimmy type, and clouds! Clouds you can ride in and nap on! Aaaand the occasional bunny girl~...

This is my real world section—my life offline, the personal, memories, people I'm fond of...

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Cammy's big, rambly life journal
An erratically updated look at what's been going on in my world. If I die, this will be the last thing updated, so check here to see how long it's been.
Gadget Collection
My tools of the trade! What consoles I own, computers I use, what for, what I'd like to do with them in the future, and anything else about what has circuitry inside.
The Caby Shrine
My girl! Many much words and some gay drawings about the best thing to ever happen to me,,,,


The Games That Shaped Me
Some games I've got fond memories of! This one's a long read, but I think it's a pretty good variety.
The Albums That Shaped Me
And likewise for my music! Music that influenced my characters, my projects, or just stuff I fell asleep to on the bus.

Photo Galleries

The Crossover Episodes

Caby and Cammy in Wales (May-June 2023)
Going to visit Caby and Cramble in south Wales! There's castles, museums, fancy hotel rooms, plushies, and habitual eating at Jollibees. Something for everyone!

Other Trips

The West End Fair (August 24, 2023)
A big ol' local agricultural fair that only comes once a year! Chainsaw carvings! HUGE eggplants! Rabbits! So many rabbits!
The Turtle Back Zoo (September 7, 2021)
Quite a nice little zoo in New Jersey, even if I was lied to about the capybaras. I took a whole bunch of shots here to show Caby, since she wasn't able to come along.
Pocono Parks (2020-2023)
Pennsylvania has some terrific forests. Hoping to get shots of more of them in the future, but here's four park trips I took in the past few years.
Camp at Night 2011 (July-August 2011)
Recently rescued from a DVD-R found in the archives! A ton of super cool long-exposure night photography from summer camp when I was a preteen.