The Crossover Episodes: CabyCammy in Wales

In May 2023, armed with only a DSi for photos, I piled into a plane going 600mph towards London. The goal? To see Caby, my girlfriend of four-and-a-half years at the time, residing on the outskirts of the capital of Wales. Castles were visited, museums were turned upside down, and one-too-many plushies came back home with me.

Bagpuss The keep in Cardiff Castle A royal court in St Fagans

Here's the way it happened, and here are those photos.

Day Zero: Learn to Fly
Confusion about PreCheck! Films featuring degenerate sex acts! Sleepless nights over the Atlantic! (And yes, I did hear "Learn to Fly" on the drive in to Newark.)
Day One: Heathrow, London
Being lost in a city with a girl you only just met—now that's romance.
Day Two: The Natural History Museum
In which I bring a dinosaur in to take pictures of dinosaurs.
Day Three: Downtown Cardiff
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, my new favorite band!
Day Four: Rapping About dcb's Eighth Grade Scented Green Pencil Story
The first of many days spent comfy indoors. Maybe I just wanna relax with my girl.
Day Five: Gamedachis and archives.somnol Patching
Did you think I'd leave the tech behind just because I was in another country?
Day Six: A New Path Into Town
The family car did a broke, so we walked into town. Pretty, but not recommended.
Day Seven: Restorativland
A blink-and-you'll-miss-it fixation on gathering Geocities sites.
Day Eight: Miranda
Doodling a new kitty girl, and turning her into the mascot of archives!
Day Nine: The River Taff
Adventure basically in Caby's backyard! Sorta!
Day Ten: Colton and Headshots
Another lazy day around the house drawing...
Day Eleven: Death in Paradise
I watched a lot of iPlayer while I was over there...
Day Twelve: The Cardiff Museum
A big blue phone box, an iconic newsdesk, and a cart of Paddingtons—that one might just be the gift shop. Oh, and there were badgers there other than me!
Day Thirteen: Crate Digging
A big stack of CDs for a growing boy (that, no, I didn't think about how I'd get home).
Day Fourteen: Flippynotes
I got Caby obsessed again :blobokhand:
Day Fifteen: St Fagans
Stop giggling, that's actually what it's called.
Day Sixteen: Pinède on Earth
So many castle ruins! You'd think we were in Wales or something.
Day Seventeen: Hanging Out With the Piggos
Eating birthday cake as your girlfriend tends to the piggos, that's the life.
Day Eighteen: How to Fill My Wife's Beaver
With a 15 pound banana treat package, of course.
Day Nineteen: Say Goodbye to Cardiff
Wandering the village one last time before we leave for London...
Day Twenty: The Science Museum
Our last hurrah in London—I've never seen so many old computers in one place!
Day Twenty-One: Leaving on a Jet Plane
It's not "goodbye", it's "see you later".