Cammy's Gadget Collection

Let's talk about my computers and gadgets! This was originally going to be a timeline of all the computers I used in my childhood, but I found myself going well beyond age 18 to include all the interesting ones. Plus I couldn't fit iPods and things into such a timeline. My collection is pretty much the coolest it's ever been, and I'm only making it cooler every year, so let's make it a section instead!

The goal is to give some fun anecdotes about each piece of gear, how I got it, tell you what condition it's in, and what needs to be fixed on it, if anything. Plus photos! (This will probably look like I'm selling stuff, but I can assure you I am not. This is not Craigslist.)

On display:


Mobile devices (iPods, phones, etc.):

Gaming devices (consoles and handhelds):

Other cool things: