Play My Tony Hawk Parks

(Last updated 1/25/21)

I love Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. These games are crack to me. Once I figure out how to 100% all the levels, I try to do it with every skater, as fast as possible. (My record for THPS2 is 52:11!) I've already done this with the first two games, and now I'm working on the third. On the PS2 and the PS1.

Now, if you don't know, the second game added a level editor in the form of the Park Editor, which gives you a preset plot of land to add kickers, quarter pipes, taxis, tables, rails, and pits of death in (mmmmostly) whichever order you choose. You can then add gaps to your levels between pieces for those sick transfers, rail gaps, or manual gaps that I still have yet to figure out.

It's a bit limited in spots though: don't expect to have rooms over rooms, long hanging wires to grind (damn), or pools on top of risers, unfortunately. Despite its limits, though, I still have an absolute blast with it.

I give to you a whole bunch of parks I've built with the Park Editor. These are for the second game specifically, and unlike the premade Park Editor parks which are pretty much just randomized junk and not all that much fun to play, I tried to build these as much like actual Tony Hawk levels as I could. These are saved in one of those funny memory card image files, so you'll need some know-how or an emulator to play them. Luckily, I also (mostly) 100%ed the game with said save, so at least you'll have your choice of every single skater when you do get it working. (You don't need to use the Park Editor to play them. They're playable in Free Skate, Single Session, and multiplayer, in the "Empty Park" slot. Just load the park you wanna play from the memory card.)

I have videos of myself playing each of the parks, if you don't wanna play my Tony Hawk parks. They're a bit big, hence the listed file sizes. They're also encoded with Xvid, so go get that if you don't have the necessary codec installed. (Although I think VLC will also play them just fine.)


School IV (December 27, 2020)

Sequels have a tendency to suck. School in the first game was nice and memorable. School II in the second game was awesome. There was no way my rinky-dink little park was gonna compete with either, so it's School IV, the direct-to-video sequel no one wants to remember.

Nah, but I like this one. I'd yet to discover much of any of the building tools (no risers anywhere in the level, no rails because rails are kinda annoying), but there's lots of fun gaps that let you skate the park in a snakey pattern, if you so choose. The gaps are, of course, named for school stuff. I think school is also probably one of the best looking levels on this page.

Download 100% video for level (4.4MB)


Riser Park (December 28, 2020)

As the name implies, Riser Park was the first park I built after I found out about risers. Since I was looking to give these levels a bit more of a vertical aspect to them (which I like a lot in games, feels more dynamic), I tried building a park all around them. Having said that, I don't particularly like how this one turned out. The layout's fine, but the stairs and rails are especially clunky, the greenery, while they look nice, are really easy to get stuck between the planters and the wall, and exiting and entering the riser portion is a bit of a chore.

Not as slick as I would've liked, but ah well, was still learning it. I went on to build much nicer parks.

Download 100% video for level (5.1MB)


Skate Tunnel (December 30, 2020)

Skate Tunnel is my very awkward attempt at trying to build the closest approximation of a "downhill" level as I could. The downhill levels, if you remember from the first game, are the long, linear ones with lots of hills downwards and an ending. The Park Editor has different sizes you can select for your park, and one of them is a bizarre, long hallway (60x6 or something akin to that?).This one's okay if you're not trying to hit all the gaps, but a lot of elements are kinda cramped in there. The bit at the end with the funboxes is okay though. Definitely think I might return to this park shape and see if I can't do it more justice.

Thanks to my Caby for coming up with the name for this one. (She likes Tony Hawk too, see why I'm marrying her? >w>)

Download 100% video for level (6.6MB)


Power Lines (January 7, 2021)

This is more like it! Tony Hawk gives you these "level themes", like how School IV is School-themed, and the one I hadn't used yet was the Power Plant theme, so I decided to whip something up with it. The key to making a satisfying park isn't to just put stuff randomly all over, but to come up with "lines", which are series of rails, gaps, kickers, and other obstacles the player skates through. It's almost like a rollercoaster ride in that regard. I think this level has some of the best lines of any park I've built so far, hence the name.

This was also about the point I discovered the offset rails, which are a bit more limited to use, but actually feel like handrails and not just metal bars sticking out of the center of the ground. Add to that some ridiculously satisfying air and a fun pool shape (pools and risers will eat your level capacity like nothing else, by the way), and you have one of the best parks on this page bar none.

Download 100% video for level (6.4MB)


The TPP (January 8, 2021)

A bit of political commentary? An acronym referring to something secretive and conspiratorial? Nope, it's just a party in a tiny pool. This is absolutely one of my favorite parks so far. I think things are spread out enough that you're not awkwardly trying to hit lines you really can't, and the lines that are there are satisfying. These big air gaps are also super satisfying. I enjoy them a lot.

Download 100% video for level (9.3MB)


Gap Checklist

Since the original game had a gap checklist, I figured I'd give you a list for my own levels. Optional, but fun to see if you can hit them all in a single run. (I don't think it's possible for all the levels, unfortunately. The ones where I think it is possible, I tried to do so in their respective videos.)

Level Gap Name Type of Gap
School IV Crazy Taxi Air
School IV Credit Transfer Air
School IV Ecology Transfer Air
School IV High Roller Air
School IV Textbook Transfer Air
School IV Study Guide Transfer Air
School IV Benchwarmin' Rail
School IV Spine to Spine Rail
Riser Park Clover Hop Air
Riser Park Well That's Obvious? Air
Riser Park Bench Gap Rail
Riser Park 'Round the Corner Rail
Skate Tunnel Hop to the Funboxes Air
Skate Tunnel The Most Dangerous Gap Air
Skate Tunnel Over the Railline Air
Skate Tunnel Pipe to Kicker Air
Skate Tunnel Rollin' Transfer Air
Skate Tunnel Contraption Exit Rail
Skate Tunnel Going Up! Rail
Skate Tunnel Musical Benches Rail
Power Lines Biggestass Transfer Air
Power Lines Hump Hop Air
Power Lines Launching the Stairs Air
Power Lines Bench Bend Rail
Power Lines Whole Lotta Rail Rail
The TPP Broke Rail Gap Air
The TPP Pool Gap Air
The TPP The Other Pool Gap Air
The TPP Prop Hop Air
The TPP Wheeeeeeeeeee! Air
The TPP Long and Smooth Rail
The TPP Wonky Rail Grind Rail

And more to come, no doubt!

*skateboards back to*